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Essential Facts about the Features of Police Vehicle

December 23, 2020

Essential Facts about the Features of Police Vehicle

To those who are not part of the law enforcement industry, police vehicles appear to be an extension of the officers they serve. That’s an accurate assumption as those in the field know vehicles to be highly tailored to the needs and duties of officers. If you are curious about the tools and equipment that officers use, and about police vehicle supply, there are always ongoing changes and innovations taking place.


If you are new to law enforcement, there are some important facts you need to know about the features of a police car.


High-tech surveillance system

While police cars in the past were known to have minimalist interiors, the modern police car is quite the opposite. Most police vehicles of today are integrated with an advanced, high-tech surveillance system called Data-Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS). This technology helps police officers identify criminals faster by taking high-resolution photos of the surroundings and sync them in their database.


Variety of siren tones 

Another important piece of police vehicle supply is the siren. A bystander might be able to interpret only one kind of siren sound, but there are actually different siren tones that correspond to different situations. A wail tone, for instance, means the officer is simply patrolling a highway but a howler sound indicates that the cars ahead of it should move out of the way quickly. 


The measurement of vehicle age

The age of a police car is determined through the number of hours it has been working. Unlike a typical civilian vehicle that’s measured in kilometers, however, a police car has a meter on the dashboard that records how many hours a police vehicle has been on. This is a more accurate measure of use, as it determines age based on wear and tear and does not include the times the vehicle may be idling.  


K9 officers are expensive

While police dogs can be very helpful in responding to crimes, they are quite a costly asset. Apart from the regular police vehicle supply needed by a cop car, K9s have special equipment and logistical needs to be on duty.


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