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Enhancing Safety for All Through Police Vehicle Accessories

December 20, 2017

Enhancing Safety for All Through Police Vehicle Accessories

Police vehicle accessories are what set police cars apart; they are a significant part of the reason that mobile officers are able to perform their needed tasks as quickly and as efficiently as they can. At Darta, custom fleet solutions are our specialty, and we have worked with hundreds of police vehicles to ensure that they are ready for anything that the unpredictable job might throw at them.


There are many types of police vehicle accessories available from Darta Fleet Solutions.


Police vehicle accessories come in different forms. They include cameras, dashboard-mounted radar sets, airbags, laptop computers, shotgun cabinets, strobe lights, video equipment, individual transport compartments, and many more. Any of these items, when installed incorrectly, can potentially jeopardize a passenger’s safety. For instance, cameras, radios and videos have to be placed strategically, in such a way that the police officer doesn’t have to make a noticeable effort to see around them.


Because of these potential issues, it is very important that professional police vehicle outfitters are the ones performing all installations for police vehicle accessories. Specialty outfitters like Darta are also able to provide high-end upgrades to better improve the efficiency of a police force. A number of customizations you may want to include in your own fleet include compartments for bullet vests, neutralizers, first-air kits, masks and other similar items.


In order to have these integral accessories installed accurately and safely, experienced outfitters at Darta Fleet Solutions are the best professionals to choose. We fully understand how crucial it is to have each accessory mounted properly. Our experience in this field is vast, and our technicians fully understand the importance of the jobs they perform on a regular basis, and take pride in doing the best job possible. If your fleet requires upgrades of any kind, feel free to contact us to request a quote, and learn more about the services we would be more than happy to offer you.