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Emergency Vehicle Solutions to Save Lives

May 25, 2020

Emergency Vehicle Solutions to Save Lives

Emergency first responders know better than anyone the importance of efficiency. A minor lag in timing or any small mistake can result in emergency operations going wrong. For emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics especially, every minute counts. This is why it is crucial for vehicle outfitters to make sure the ambulances and vehicles used by first responders are fully outfitted and modified to help them perform their jobs with the most efficiency and safety.


Thankfully, today’s vehicle outfitters are capable of providing emergency fleets with complete solutions for storage, safety, and more.


Here are some of the key areas of an emergency vehicle to consider when getting them outfitted:


Interior Design

Aside from following the current safety standards, emergency vehicles should also be designed from the perspective of the emergency worker who has to operate in that environment. For example, ambulances should take into consideration how their interior can enhance and enable the work of a healthcare worker. EMTs and paramedics who use the vehicle regularly should feel that the design is not only safe, but functional and user-friendly as well.


For instance, the seating locations must be positioned to allow EMTs to easily access both the patient and medical equipment. Furthermore, medical equipment and tools should be stored securely so that they do not move around in the ambulance when the vehicle is in motion.


Alert Systems

The loud sirens and flashing lights of emergency vehicles are primarily designed to warn other vehicles of their approach and enhance safety during an emergency situation. Especially in a busy environment, having the right lighting and warning devices is crucial. Visor lights, surface mount LED dash lights, and LED grille lights promote visibility and enhance safety both during the day and night. As such, it is important to consult with a reliable team of vehicle outfitters who will know the exact power requirements, warning zones, signalling modes, and flash rates and patterns that meet today’s standards.


Furthermore, emergency vehicle outfitters will make sure that your audible warning devices overcome any noisy environment. New siren types are now available that can effectively penetrate soundproof vehicles and warn drivers in heavily populated urban streets.


When putting together your emergency fleet, there are dozens of factors to consider, the most important being the security of your workers and how the enhanced safety and functionality of your emergency vehicles will be able to help you save lives.


That is why it is important to make sure you are partnered with the best emergency vehicle outfitters. Darta Fleet Solutions has been perfecting our craft for decades by providing consultations, installations, sales, and servicing to our customers. Call us today at 905 - 951 1940 to learn how we can help you.