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Emergency Vehicle Solutions – Darta Fleet Outfitters

June 13, 2018

Emergency Vehicle Solutions – Darta Fleet Outfitters

Emergency situations are often a matter of life and death, and we rely on fast and efficient response not only from ambulances but from police officers, firefighters and public service workers. In order to navigate traffic and quickly reach emergencies, many response vehicles rely on emergency vehicle solutions like lights, sirens, decals, navigation systems and much more to meet any emergency as quickly as possible.  


Emergency vehicle solutions and equipment are highly necessary to gain access to the incidents quickly. Once there, responders must be able to direct traffic and act quickly to save lives and avoid further damages or loss. 


These types of vehicles are fitted with unique tools that enable them to respond during emergencies. Their functions make them distinct from other vehicle types, and they must be able to adapt to difficult situations at any time of day. This includes law enforcement sedans and SUVS, security personnel, fire and rescue trucks, medical response vehicles or ambulances, and public utility vehicles which repair and respond to damages to road or property. They can all be involved in various dangerous scenarios such as road collisions.


With an experienced and capable fleet outfitter, emergency vehicles can have modern and efficient gear to meet any challenge – from customizable decals and signage to LED lights, sirens, equipment mounts and loudspeakers. This let other drivers quickly and easily identify the approaching emergency vehicles and give way safely, while they in turn can transport the injured or apprehended as needed, remove debris and restore order. 


We are proud to be a one-stop-shop for equipment, outfitting, customization and upgrades for public service fleets. At Darta Solutions, we specialize in offering a wide variety of high quality emergency vehicle solutions for law enforcement and public service. We provide gear for police and other emergency vehicle fleets with established connections in the industry and established experience.


From consulting to installation, we are the leading emergency vehicle outfitters in Ontario and can handle up to 300 vehicles in our modern facility. Call or visit today to request a consultation.