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Custom Vehicle Outfitters: Features for Your Emergency Vehicle

November 10, 2016

Custom Vehicle Outfitters: Features for Your Emergency Vehicle

Custom vehicle outfitters have the knowledge on the variety of features that can be valuable additions to your emergency vehicle. To ensure that you are comfortable with your car or emergency vehicles, it’s important that you fit it with the features to suit your needs like:

Communication devices

If your emergency vehicle is required to have advanced communication devices, custom vehicle outfitters like Darta Enterprises can help you out with this. A variety of options like car phones, two way radios, and laptops can be integrated with speedy Wi-Fi and mobile data terminals, and these are some of the options you get to choose from.

Service units

The purpose of the vehicle will determine the features you will need installed. For example, an ambulance can have a bed and life support machine while a fire vehicle may have fire extinguishers and pipes to put out fire when called upon. It’s the choice of the buyer to decide on the equipment he/she wants put in place, it all depends on the needed functionalities of the vehicle.

Auxiliary lighting

These are lights fitted in a vehicle to illuminate the sides. Most of the places where emergencies have occurred always need more light for the rescue mission or emergency to be carried out timely and successfully. It’s for this reason that these lights are fixed and they include: take downs, spot lights, alley lights, flood lights and load lights.

Warning signs

These can be audible warning signs or visual signs and are meant for alerting other road users to either give way or not to go near a certain place. Some audible warning signs include: sirens, air horns, exhaust whistles, bells and public address systems. Some visual warning signs that you may consider are strobe lights and dash lights.

Darta is known as reliable and highly experienced custom vehicle outfitters who focus on customer service and industry knowledge. That combined with sets of experts always gives excellent results on client vehicles.