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Benefits of the Ford Interceptor Utility Vehicle

June 01, 2020

Benefits of the Ford Interceptor Utility Vehicle

A reputable car outfitter will tell you that police vehicles must offer a higher level of durability and capability than civilian vehicles. Police vehicles should feature police-grade specifications, and must be equipped with the necessary tools and devices needed to conduct day-to-day operations as efficiently and effectively as possible.


There are a range of police-grade vehicles available. Certain car manufacturers specialize in building reliable police vehicles for everyday use. Ford Motor Company is well-known American automaker, with over 70 years of experience working with law-enforcement professionals to build premium vehicles specially made for police fleets. 


The Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Vehicle 


The Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Vehicle is Ford's very first pursuit-rated hybrid SUV specially designed for law enforcement. It promises power and performance, without having to compromise on safety or interior cargo and passenger space. Read on to learn about 3 advantages of opting for the Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Vehicle for your police fleet. 


Exceeding Safety Standards 


We all understand the importance of ensuring your police vehicle is durable enough to withstand day-to-day operations. The Ford Police Interceptor® Utility vehicle ensures officers are well-protected while on the job. It is the only vehicle designed to meet a 75-MPH rear-impact crash test - meaning officers are well protected, even at faster high-impact speeds. 


The Ford Interceptor® also boasts SPACE Architecture® (Side Protection and Cabin Enhancement), in addition to structural reinforcement to ensure maximum protection for officers on duty. 


Standard Hybrid/AWD Powertrain


For some police vehicles, idling is just part of the job. Which is why the Ford Interceptor® is built with a standard hybrid powertrain capable of accommodating this everyday reality. The electrical equipment officers rely on can be powered through the lithium-ion hybrid battery. This enables the gas engine to turn off so that it only runs periodically to charge the battery.  


The Ford Interceptor®’s hybrid AWD drivetrain also ensures great handling stability and traction regardless of driving condition, making for a more durable and efficient police vehicle overall. 


Budget and Equipment Flexible


Whether you’re looking for a more cost-effective, gas-efficient police vehicle, or are looking for a car outfitter to equip your vehicle with the necessary tools and devices for day-to-day operations of your fleet, the Ford Interceptor® is flexible enough to meet your demands. 


As Ontario’s go-to car outfitter service provider, Darta Fleets is fully capable of equipping your Ford Police Interceptor® Utility vehicle with the necessary infrastructure to conduct regular operations. Call us today to learn more about our car outfitter services!