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Being Wise When It Comes to Outfitting Your Fleet

September 11, 2019

Being Wise When It Comes to Outfitting Your Fleet

Having the proper planning procedures are crucial following your decision to upfit your vehicle fleet. The goal is to end up with cost-effective fleet outfitters that can ultimately make for happy drivers and a more valuable fleet.


Smart choices along the way can ensure you optimise your return on investment, how well your vehicles are equipped, and how productive your drivers end up being.


Standardised upfitting, while it has its place, does not take into account every vehicle's unique traits to take advantage of. This is why we recommend thoughtful steps be put into place before considering your next upfit, such as the following:


Work with the Right Outfitter

Getting your outfitting done right the first time can end up saving you from continual incurred costs; it is crucial that your vehicle fleet outfitter demonstrate the necessary capability and expertise to handle your project. You will come to find that the associated costs are made up for by their simpler, quicker, and comprehensive process.


We wrote an entire piece dedicated to how we harbour these qualities when it comes to vehicle outfitting.


Ensure Your Drivers Are Part of the Dialogue

Keeping your driver initiated throughout the process can kerb negative scenarios that are known to occur after upfitting has been completed.


Bridging the divide in the conversation between drivers, company, and fleet outfitters that can happen during the upfitting process can only lead to a more insightful process tailored around a driver's specifications. Wise planning procedures such as this go a long way in helping retain the talented pool of drivers at your disposal.


Identify the End Goal of Your Vehicles’ Upfitting Project

Simply identifying the purpose of your vehicle and what it will be used for throughout its life can provide the fundamental requirements surrounding its upfitting.


It is important to stay cognisant in how the tasks your vehicles will handle can change throughout the future. Accommodating these changes and incorporating them into your upfitting project can significantly reduce the burden on your company, both financially and timewise, when it comes to future upgrades.


We at Darta Fleet Solutions have the expertise to form a holistic view of what the needs of your vehicle and driver are. Our 30,000 sq. ft facility allows us to have tremendous scalability in the projects we house as fleet outfitters; providing results that save on your bottom line, as well as being renowned for our efficient turnaround times.