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Attention-Grabbing Police Vehicle Audio Accessories for Successful Rescue Operations

February 13, 2020

Attention-Grabbing Police Vehicle Audio Accessories for Successful Rescue Operations

Even with flashing lights, it can often be extremely difficult to notice emergency vehicles when roads are busy, especially during peak traffic hours. Those few extra seconds it takes for a driver to move out of the way could make a world of a difference for someone in need of assistance.


For this reason, emergency vehicle outfitters would agree that a high sound alert system is the best way to attract attention and allow commuters to move out of the way promptly.


The following police vehicle accessories and equipment can be tweaked, customized or upgraded according to your needs.

While flashing lights are an important part of police vehicle accessories, they can be hard to notice on their own. An effective and high-quality sound alert system typically consists of a microphone, siren, and loudspeakers. The emergency sound alert system should grab the attention of drivers to clear the path allowing police cars to arrive safely and quickly at the scene.

This system should also offer important audio functions like yelp, wail, and hi-lo sound effects for a variety of distinct sounds. These distinct sounds will allow people to recognize you as an emergency vehicle and will ensure that the surrounding area will be vacated quickly.

Another important audio function that your alert system should come with is an air horn. It’s an effective and important audio function that provides clear and penetrating noise signals that can quickly gain the attention of everyone in the surrounding area.

Looking for top of the line emergency alert and warning devices? Darta Fleet Solutions only work with the most trusted manufacturers in the market to ensure client satisfaction. To learn more about our top-quality police vehicle accessories and parts get in touch with us today.

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