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Accessorizing Your Fleet of Police Vehicles

November 08, 2017

Accessorizing Your Fleet of Police Vehicles

Police vehicle accessories form a special line of products that help enhance the emergency response of a fleet of vehicles. They are also used to show strength and security for those on board or around your car.


Police vehicle accessories aim to improve surveillance, increase safety and epitomize ballistic protection.


Advanced innovation is also required in matching security technologies with the fast paced rate of crime evolution. The must-have accessories for every police car include a set of:


Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance is a critical area of police operations that police vehicle accessories should reflect. Such equipment includes auto-focus cameras for license plates, rearview mirrors for monitoring motion, playback technology and video pads among others. In an advanced police unit, security and surveillance are inseparable objectives that both the government and the police themselves take extremely serious and cautionary.


Emergency and Alarm Response Equipment

Unlike in most emergency response situations, police action during distress call responses can be both sophisticated and risky. The matter is further complicated by the fact that police response is by law expected to be almost instantaneous. This not only makes the police more susceptible to accidents but also exposes other road users to a high risk of injury.

To minimize the adverse effects associated with emergency and alarm responses to distress calls, police cars require both light and sound equipment. These include sirens and light strobes, whose use alerts other road users of an impending danger, as well as informing them to pave way.


Safety Gear

Common safety gear found in advanced police cars include bullet vests, gas detectors and masks, bomb and grenade neutralizers among others. A special compartment should be created for them in every police car as it enhances their safety. A first aid kit should also be included in the long list of police vehicle accessories.


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