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4 Unique Problems of Emergency Vehicle Equipment That Need Immediate Replacement

February 05, 2021

4 Unique Problems of Emergency Vehicle Equipment That Need Immediate Replacement

Emergency vehicle equipment is crucial, especially when lives are on the line, and fleets need to respond immediately. Unfortunately, electronics and critical emergency communication equipment can wear down with constant use, and have decreased performance over time. Here are four unique problems that vehicle upfitters can resolve quickly.


1. Firmware and Update Errors

Nowadays, fleet emergency vehicle equipment is dependent on high-level technologies, allowing them to communicate through the speed of fast Internet and note down events in real-time. Unfortunately, not all in-house mechanics and technicians can handle issues that arise from suppliers' automated firmware updates. When these malfunctions, vehicle outfitters can investigate and correct their functionality in no time.


2. Wiring and Routing Issues

Additionally, the firmware and software updates to advanced emergency vehicle equipment and systems will require proper routing and wiring. Inexperienced mechanics and technicians will find it confusing even with wiring and routing schematic on hand because of how specific functions of emergency vehicles can be. Professional vehicle upfitters have technicians that can perform routing updates in no time.


3. Poor Database Connection

Database connections allow emergency vehicles to find locations and use tracking software to head straight into the grid with an emergency in no time at all. Several reasons can cause poor database connections, which an in-depth investigation by vehicle outfitting technicians can reveal.


4. Involuntary Dismantling Equipment

Emergency vehicles speed through roads in a fast manner to get to point A to B in the quickest time possible. If your on-board electronics and equipment continue to dismantle on its own due to vibrations or velocity, call your vehicle outfitter to secure them in place.


Darta Fleet Solutions has worked with numerous police, fire, and EMS fleets in our many years of experience, providing only top-quality solutions for emergency vehicle needs. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and the full range of services we provide.