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4 Types of Police Vehicle Accessories That Should be Upgraded

April 08, 2019

4 Types of Police Vehicle Accessories That Should be Upgraded

It’s important to upgrade your police vehicle fleet with accessories that are manufactured to improve operational efficiency and the safety of officers; every accessory serves an important function. Here are four categories of police vehicle accessories you should invest in to update your fleet.


In-Car Camera Systems

This category includes any motion picture acquisition technology. A camera system is important for recording events and interactions. Video and image evidence is necessary to hold parties accountable for their actions and to protect your officers’ integrity. Camera technology should be updated to produce high-quality videos and images, as even the smallest details need to be visible.



While sirens perform a relatively simple function compared to other types of police vehicle accessories, they are nevertheless an essential component. A fully functioning siren can make all the difference in alerting other vehicles of your arrival, allowing them to move out of your way as quickly as possible. A high-quality siren can buy your officers additional seconds that may be crucial.



There are a number of options in this category, including dash-mounted radar, radar displays, hidden radar devices and handheld radar devices. Updating the radar system used by your police fleet will improve your officers’ efficiency in detecting vehicles of interest. These police vehicle accessories are worth investing in because of the vast operational improvements they afford.



There are different considerations to take into account when determining the best type of console for your fleet, including the type of mount and docking station. The mount and docking station are needed to organize and secure technological equipment. As such, it’s a good idea to upgrade your consoles so that they can provide easy access to essential equipment.


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