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4 Signs You Need to Visit Police Vehicle Outfitters

August 30, 2021

4 Signs You Need to Visit Police Vehicle Outfitters

The number of technological inventions is on a rise and for law officers to stay on top of things, their vehicles should be equipped with the latest tech gadgets and devices. Even the best products and outfitting work may need to be replaced. If you are wondering whether your fleet needs to be inspected and updated by police vehicle outfitters, here are some signs that could help you decide.

Easy-to-identify signs that your patrol car needs help from police vehicle outfitters

Interiors haven’t been updated for years

In the current era of technological advancements, there is a plethora of gadgets, tools, and equipment that could benefit the police department. However, to make space for any new equipment, you would need to upgrade the car’s interiors as per the latest industry standards. This will help provide additional protection and efficacy. You can consult with police vehicle outfitters for recommendations.

Affected response time

Inspecting police vehicles does not only mean making sure that the first-aid kits and fire extinguishers are in place but also ensuring that all other police vehicle equipment is operationally sound. If your fleet’s laptop swivels are falling apart or gun racks are rigid and rusted, it could affect the time they take to respond to emergency calls. Accessing data to learn about actionable activities is critical to operational cohesiveness, and proper outfitting of police vehicle equipment contributes to any operation’s effectiveness.

Issues with parts and components

Partitions, high-security locks, and seats for detainees must always be well-installed to hold the suspects efficiently. If any of this equipment is very old and hasn’t seen regular maintenance, it could fail to serve its purpose, endangering the lives of police officers and civilians.

In-car computer tech needs to be updated

Old interiors could have shortcomings and may be unable to accommodate modern equipment without compromising the safety of the vehicle. If you plan to invest in new tech for your team, reliable police vehicle outfitters could ensure that your fleet update is done smoothly and safely.

We at Darta Fleet Solutions have worked with numerous police, fire, and EMS fleets in our years of experience. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable solutions for all emergency vehicle outfitting needs.