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4 Important Steps of Police Vehicle Equipment Installation

May 28, 2021

4 Important Steps of Police Vehicle Equipment Installation

Police officers often have to rush to the rescue for all types of calls, right from disturbances in the neighborhood to serious criminal offenses. When duty calls, the last thing that the officers of the law should have to worry about is their vehicle’s functionality. The fleet that cops rely on is often customized with police vehicle equipment. Now when it comes to their emergency responsiveness, it’s important that none of this equipment interferes with their safety but rather enhances their productivity. To do so, it’s crucial to seek help from experts who follow all the important steps of outfitting.

Stages of police vehicle equipment installation


The first key step is to seek a consult with expert outfitters such as Darta Fleet Solutions. During the consult, their team of professionals can help you identify the police vehicle equipment that would be a good fit for your fleet. They can also recommend customized solutions that would help improve the functionality of your vehicle.


The next step would include finalizing the equipment that you would like to go forward with. This will mainly entail going through the list of recommended equipment provided by reliable manufacturers, and zeroing in on the ones that you deem essential.


This step contributes immensely toward the safe installation of police vehicle equipment. This step involves inspection of the vehicle’s condition by a team of professionals; this will help them to ascertain the parts that they might need to remove or adjust to make space for the new equipment. With lives on the line, it’s extremely critical that this step is done right.


Now that the fleet is ready to accommodate the new products, the final step is installing the equipment that you’ve finalized. It’s best to trust professional fleet outfitters to execute this step, as improper installations could lead to serious malfunctions which would compromise the safety of the officers and other passengers in the vehicle.

Darta Fleet Solutions has worked with numerous police, fire, and EMS fleets in our years of experience. We provide top-quality customizable solutions for all emergency vehicle outfitting needs. Contact us today to learn more about the full range of services we provide.