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4 Essentials Every Emergency Vehicle Should Have

January 11, 2022

4 Essentials Every Emergency Vehicle Should Have

Emergency vehicle equipment doesn't just pertain to mechanisms and machines that custom vehicle outfitters can add to the interior and exterior of a vehicle. It also includes important items that personnel need to make space for to store in their vehicle. This will help ensure that they can respond to emergencies with all the right equipment on board. Here are such four essential commodities.

Important items that custom vehicle outfitters can help make space for:

Safety equipment

The safety equipment usually consists of your team's first aid gear to provide care for any victims with injuries and immediate difficulties. Additionally, it can include high visibility jackets and vests which offer ample visibility to responders heading to the roads. These two things are essential for every emergency vehicle.

Tool kit

Basic tools as a part of your emergency vehicle equipment comprise of Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers, vice grips, adjustable pliers, small-head precision screwdrivers, and a durable and dependable utility knife. First responders don’t always know the exact details of the situation they’re heading toward, and a basic tool set can come in handy to provide the appropriate response.

Spill cleaning kit

Spill cleaners allow responders to clean up any substance - hazardous or otherwise - from the site of the accident or incident. Cleaning up makes the area safer and allows other responders to provide proper care and support for individuals affected by the incident.

Fire extinguisher

Even if the calls mention no presence of fires, it's best to have a fire extinguisher accessible with ease in any situation. It can be the factor that limits the injuries and flame ignition in any vehicle involved in an emergency or even the first responder's vehicle.

Update your fleet for more space with top-notch outfitters

If you need to update the glove compartment or the overall design of your fleet for better emergency equipment storage, you can count on Darta Fleet Solutions to provide you with the best service. Consult with us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve with you!