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3 Types of Emergency Vehicle Lighting

June 10, 2019

3 Types of Emergency Vehicle Lighting

We’ve all come across emergency vehicles on the road – and should be familiar with the correct protocol when we hear those sirens blaring and light beacons whirring. The most common being to stop and pull over to the right to allow the emergency vehicle right of way.


But there are a number of reasons why an emergency vehicle may flash their lights:

  • To act as a visual warning to surrounding drivers that the emergency vehicle requires use of the road
  • To provide warning to surrounding drivers of a warning or hazard when the vehicle is not moving
  • To indicate to a specific driver to stop their vehicle and prepare for an interaction with the officer


 In our last blog we discussed how emergency vehicles differ from regular cars. Emergency vehicle outfitters will implement flashing lights on the top or at the sides of emergency vehicles.


Today we’ll discuss three types of exterior flashing lights installed by emergency vehicle outfitters.


1. Light Bars

  • Light bars are the narrow, elongated lights typically located on the roof of an emergency vehicle
  • Emergency vehicle outfitters can configure light bars to flash different patterns, intensity and colour
  • Light bars may contain fixed, rotating, strobe, or LED
  • Light bars are the common choice for contemporary emergency vehicles


2. Body Mounted Lights

  • Body mounted lights are fixed on the front or on the rear of an emergency vehicle to create the effect of forward-facing directional flash
  • The purpose of body mounted lights are to be seen through the side mirrors of regular vehicles driving in front of the emergency vehicle on the road


3. Beacons

  • Beacons are the most commonly thought of exterior light source attributed to emergency vehicles
  • They are located on the roof of an emergency vehicle, and feature rotating lights to attract attention to the vehicle


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