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3 Police Trends and Technological Innovations in Accessories

May 18, 2018

3 Police Trends and Technological Innovations in Accessories

Law enforcement is perhaps one of the dangerous yet fundamental sectors of society. It has to be implemented effectively to protect people from crimes and unforeseen circumstances. That is why officers have to be equipped with the right tactical equipment and police vehicle accessories to be always ready to respond and perform their duties.


As technologies and innovations continue to improve efficiency and responsiveness, the sector is attracting more aspirant officers. These are some of the driving trends in police vehicle accessories used in law enforcement:


  • Police forces around Canada and the U.S. are more often opting for SUVs in filling their vehicle fleets, as often as sedans. This is because of the amount of police vehicle accessories and gears they can carry and the range of situations that may have to answer. Sedans are still preferred in cities, but SUVs are becoming the norm in rural and suburb areas. Apart from more carriage capacity, they offer a higher ride height which provides greater ease to reach any scene. Their performance is also on par with their lighter sedan counterparts: they are very capable, have fairly short turning radius and are deceptively fast.


  • Having a good quality siren speaker installed in any fleet vehicle is essential to a successful rescue operation. It is crucial in the flow of traffic as officers answer a call, thus affecting the efficiency and urgency of any given task. With Darta’s extensive selection of police vehicle accessories, SUVs and sedans can be equipped with complete sound and light systems.


  • Emergency lights contribute to the visibility of the response vehicle. Considering that accidents happen not just in daylight but most of the time at night, we can install LED lights on any police vehicle along with complete lighting and mounts to enable visibility at all times.



At Darta Fleet Solutions, we offer a high quality products and accessories to equip response, emergency and public work staff in their important work. We partner with reputable providers and depend on extensive experience and knowledge of the field to meet the high demands of fleet outfitting and modernizing. Our facility can operate and outfit up to 300 vehicles, and our experts can offer complete advice and consulting for any fleet.


Contact Darta Fleet Outfitters today to learn more or to request a consultation.