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3 Major Emergency Vehicle Classifications

November 08, 2019

3 Major Emergency Vehicle Classifications

It’s likely you’ve seen the bright red paint of a fire truck, or the blaring sirens of a police car darting by. It’s obvious that these signs and sounds are no fluke – meant to inform nearby motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians that they need to get through.

Emergency vehicles are equipped by tactical vehicle outfitters with the tools and technology needed to properly respond to emergency and life-threatening situations. While the fire truck and police car are the most obvious types of emergency vehicles, there are also a number of emergency vehicles that exist based on type of emergency needs.

As leading tactical vehicle outfitters, Darta Fleet Solutions is here to overview 3 main categories of emergency vehicles and how they differ.


Law Enforcement Vehicles


Law enforcement vehicles in Canada are further categorized into three vehicle types: police pursuit vehicles (PPV), special service vehicles (SSV), and special service package (SSP). PPV vehicles are the most commonly used of these three categories due to their ability to handle a larger range of tasks i.e.  pursuit and high-speed response.

Law enforcement vehicles are equipped by tactical outfitters to ensure increased vehicle durability, and that the technology they need is integrated within the vehicle while on patrol.


Firefighting Apparatus


A firefighting apparatus describes any vehicle that has been outfitted for firefighting. These vehicles are highly customized based on specificity of application and duty. Firefighting vehicles need to be highly visible – hence the signatory bright red colour of fire trucks and fire engines.


Emergency Medical Vehicles


Emergency medical vehicles are typically known to transport patients from an emergency site to a health center or hospital – and bring paramedics and other first responders to the site of an emergency. For this reason, a tactical vehicle outfitter will equip these vehicles with warning lights and sirens. Examples include rapid response vehicles and ambulances.


Looking to outfit your emergency vehicle fleet?


Darta Fleet Solutions offers the experience and capabilities necessary to ensure your fleet is equipped with the latest in emergency technology and equipment. For all your emergency vehicle needs, give Darta Fleets a call today. As capable emergency vehicle outfitters – we’d be happy to help!