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3 Essential Types of Police Vehicle Equipment

March 13, 2020

3 Essential Types of Police Vehicle Equipment

In previous blogs, we have spoken to the fundamental differences that set police vehicles apart from civilian vehicles. Whether it’s in-car tech, exterior lighting and sirens, in-vehicle tech, or built-in cargo storage – quality police vehicle equipment is imperative for the success of everyday operations of police officers working in the field.

But what types of police equipment are essential for your own fleet? In today’s blog we delve into 3 essential types of equipment police officers rely on in their vehicles.


1. Interior/Exterior Lighting and Sirens


Police vehicles feature exterior and interior lighting that differs from that of the average civilian vehicle. Those red and blue flashing lights are a visual indication of police presence – which is important for informing to nearby pedestrians and drivers to yield to a police vehicle that is on a time crunch to get to the scene of an emergency.  

Sirens are an auditory indication of police presence – also informing nearby drivers that an emergency vehicle is nearby and to promptly yield when present.


2. In-Vehicle Tech


Police vehicles are equipped with in-vehicle technology that allows them to carry out everyday operations effectively. Whether it’s car mounts or docking stations that protect and organize laptops, tablets, or other devices that support a dedicated, comprehensive system that enables officers to access and upload information while in the field – in-vehicle tech plays a valuable role when it comes to ensuring efficient and productive day-to-day operations.


3. Built-In Cargo Storage


While not necessarily constituting as a specific category of equipment, built-in cargo storage plays an essential role to ensuring that police vehicle equipment is properly stored and easily accessible when needed on the job. A well-structured vehicle storage solution will be able to maximize space while also accommodating the storage of all necessary police equipment.


The Darta Fleet Solution Difference                                   


If you’re in need of quality police vehicle equipment for your fleet, consider the services of the capable and dedicated team at Darta Fleets. As go-to custom vehicle outfitters, we offer years of experience serving police, fire, EMS, and municipal vehicle clients. Regardless of project scale, we can do it all! Call us today to learn more about the Darta difference.